INJ Nagoya

 INJ名古屋は、アイルランドと日本の相互理解を深める為に、中部地区を拠点として、文化/国際交流イベントを主催/支援しているボランティアグループです。メンバー募集中!Members & Volunters needed



ユーザー Niall の写真

Niall - Reading of the 1916 Easter Proclamation


Hi everyone. We hope you are looking forward to our St Patrick's Festival on March 19th (Saturday).
This year is a very special one as thanks to the kindness of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland,  we in Nagoya will commemorate the Easter Rising of 1916. We will have a reading of the Easter Proclamation that ws read in 1916 in English and Japanese at our opening ceremony from 12:00 and also at our Family "Lark in the Park" event from 15:30. So come down and be part of history.

ユーザー Niall の写真

Niall - Nagoya St Patrick's Day Festival


Hello everyone. The INJ Nagoya Committee would like to inform you that our St Patrick's Day Festival will be held on March 19th (Sat) this year 2016. 
The Festival is growing year by year and this year we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. The proclamation will be read in both English and Japanese. 
As usual the festivities kick off at 12:00 in Osu Kannon, Nagoya. We will have the reading of the proclamation, followed by a traditional Japanese Taiko group and Irish music and dance.